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The Nike ELIDE is a shoe especially designed for barefoot style running. Conventional barefoot running shoes abstain from any cushioning whatsoever. This demands a very well executed running technique to run effectively and decrease the risk of injury.  The ELIDE, on the other hand, offers the same positive, performance enhancing characteristics of a traditional running shoe such as protection and grip though at the same time guiding the athlete towards adopting a barefoot running style. Thanks to its special form the athlete receives constant feedback on whether or not the motion sequence is performed correctly.   



During my daily work with Adobe Photoshop and a graphic tablet, I was often bothered by the fact that no input device could offer me the full control over all different tool parameters. I was forced to interrupt my work time and time again to be able to adjust a tool meticulously or to implement a complex shortcut. KNOB allows an intuitive control and through several adjustments a fast and fluent way of working with Adobe Photoshop.



Most percussion instruments are monotonic instruments. They simply create one sound and only show their potential in combination with other instruments. That is why the percussionist must transport many smaller instruments. ROOT DRUM, on the other hand, allows for complex percussions in a compact form. Everything needed to create interesting rhythms is included and it is easy to transport. The intuitive way of playing enables a fast introduction to the world of percussions without having to learn special drumming techniques or dexterity.  



Tattoos have a thousand year old tradition and are becoming more and more popular again. Still most of the tattoo guns available on the market are not designed ergonomically and are inefficient. The (w)Rite concept is the first tattoo gun which is operated by an externally mounted motor. As a consequence the weight is reduced significantly, which allows the relocation of the center of gravity above the needle. Symptoms of fatigue as well as tendinitis in the hand can be avoided making it possible to work accurately and concentrated for the duration of several hours.



Luke Stairwalker is a mechanical support device for elderly or disabled people, who have problems with climbing stairs. It protects the person from falling or slipping on staircases and offers a more powerful and safe grip through improved ergonomics. Furthermore, the backrest gives the opportunity to lean back and take a rest when needed. In contrast to traditional stair lifts, the Lukestairwalker can be installed in small staircases without major reconstruction efforts.